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Updated! Smart Drawer APK 1.0.1 (Personalization App)

Smart Drawer APK 1.0.1

Editor's word: All your apps simple organized. It is compatible with any launcher. Try this completely customizable drawer now. A "light" version of Smart Launcher made to work with other launchers.


Updated! C Launcher APK 3.10.23 (Personalization App)

C Launcher APK 3.10.23

Editor's word: Customize your phone with thousands of themes & wallpapers every day. Hide private apps in most perfect way. Free Launcher for Android! Brief, smart, safe & elegant UI! DIY Theme launch app.

Updated! Hologram Background APK 1.4.9 (Personalization App)

Hologram Background APK 1.4.9

Editor's word: Forget Flat wallpapers! Over 2500 Full HD 3D Themes. Forget flat wallpapers. Social platform with over 5000 HD Parallax wallpapers.

Updated! RedPapers APK 2.2 (Personalization App)

RedPapers APK 2.2

Editor's word: Autoset your wallpaper to the hottest picture post from any subreddit everyday. Autoset your wallpaper to the hottest picture post from any reddit sub everyday.

Updated! 3D Rose Live Wallpaper APK 5.1 (Personalization App)

3D Rose Live Wallpaper APK 5.1

Editor's word: Fully 3D live wallpaper depicting rose flower reacting to gestures.

Updated! XOS Launcher APK 3.6.35 (Personalization App)

XOS Launcher APK 3.6.35

Editor's word: Experience the Infinix official XOS Launcher with free themes without flashing.

Updated! Converbration APK 1.4.0 (Personalization App)

Converbration APK 1.4.0

Editor's word: A unique vibration pattern is created for every message you receive. You'll feel if a message is long or shot, boring or exciting. Instantly know the emotion, context, length, and importance of each message. Magically sense what messages say without reading them. Seriously.

New! ActionDash APK 1.2 (Personalization App)

ActionDash APK 1.2

Editor's word: Private & secure digital wellbeing and app usage monitor, on *your* phone.

Updated! Cheetah Keyboard APK 4.32.0 (Personalization App)

Cheetah Keyboard APK 4.32.0

Editor's word: It makes your phone a distinctive one among others. Ttyp more accurate and easier. There are plenty of free themes which are specially designed for you. Install Free keyboard with 3D Themes, Gifs, Auto-correction .

Updated! Poco Launcher APK (Personalization App)

Poco Launcher APK

Editor's word: POCO Launcher - Make your Home screen unique.