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New! NomadPhone APK 1.0.2 (Communication App)

NomadPhone APK 1.0.2

Editor's word: Keep your US or Canadian phone number working abroad.


Updated! Shadowsocks APK 4.6.5 (Communication App)

Shadowsocks APK 4.6.5

Editor's word: It allows you to use the secured socks5 proxy on your Android devices. Let the fast tunnel proxy of shadowsocks to help you bypass firewalls. Shadowsocks: a secure socks5 proxy.

Updated! Botim APK 1.2.8 (Communication App)

Botim APK 1.2.8

Editor's word: BOT - The best free VoIP call app, encrypted and unblocked in all countries.

Updated! Kiwi Browser APK Gamma (Communication App)

Kiwi Browser APK Gamma

Editor's word: Kiwi Browser is a fast browser for Android with a powerful popup blocker.

Updated! Simpler Dialer APK 8.9.6 (Communication App)

Simpler Dialer APK 8.9.6

Editor's word: Phone Dialer with call block, T9, themes, phone book & contacts manager.

Updated! CB Radio Chat APK 2.6.6 (Communication App)

CB Radio Chat APK 2.6.6

Editor's word: Talk, have fun, listen, make friends, entertain like on regular CB radio.

Updated! Oversec APK 1.5.8 (Communication App)

Oversec APK 1.5.8

Editor's word: The app transparently encrypts and decrypts any text in any app. Privacy for all Apps. Add secure text and image-encryption to any other app. Privacy for All Apps!Encrypt and Disguise Messages in All Your Apps.

Updated! Criptext APK 0.15.2 (Communication App)

Criptext APK 0.15.2

Editor's word: Encrypted. Private. Simple.

Updated! UC Browser Mini APK (Communication App)

UC Browser Mini APK

Editor's word: Brand new menu, fast browsing, speed up your download, with night mode and incognito browsing. FAST browse Google, FB, download songs, videos and fetch cricket live score.

Updated! Firefox APK 64.0.2 (Communication App)

Firefox APK 64.0.2

Editor's word: It has fast and intelligent search, private browsing and tracking protection, simple browser tabs. Browse freely now. Get the customizable, private & free mobile browser that syncs across devices.